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Cloud HPC for Enterprise Data Sheet

Download this Data Sheet to get a high level overview about UberCloud's Cloud HPC Solutions for Enterprises.
Typical 3 Year Server TCO

Total Cost of Ownership Benefits with Cloud HPC

Workstation, in-house cluster or compute power in the cloud,  all have benefits and drawbacks. This white paper discusses some of these issues, describes a model to calculate cloud Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and shows a simple way to compare the costs across these options. 


Mission Guide to Successful HPC Migration to the Cloud

Download this infographic to learn about some tips on how to successfully migrate your HPC to the Cloud.
UberCloud Security

UberCloud Security WhitePaper

Engineering data is of strategic importance. Protection of this data from accidental deletion and unauthorized change or disclosure is a key part of any cloud implementation. Learn how UberCloud and its partners work to keep your data secure

Cloud HPC

Cloud HPC Executive Value Guide

Every major independent analyst proclaims the value of cloud computing. While these experts universally agree on the positive business impact of cloud computing, executives are unlikely to purchase a solution unless they are able to clearly understand the true value.

To convince today’s executives to authorize a purchase you will need to (a) understand their drivers, (b) discuss the true business impact, and (c) deliver measurable results

UberCloud HPC Containers

UberCloud Docker Container Technology WhitePaper

How Docker and Linux container technology is being used to deliver portability, ease-of-use and performance to technical computing.


UberCloud - Gartner Cool Vendor

UberCloud provides on-demand software solutions for Ansys and more in oil and gas, along with HPC and graphics processing unit (GPU) technology infrastructure.

Open HPC

HPC in the Cloud with OpenHPC Solution Brief

OpenHPC can be used to develop pre­configured, ready to run software containers to ease usability, accessibility, and portability challenges for development and execution
of High Performance Computing applications in public and private cloud environments.
OpenFOAM Cloud

CFD Support Ltd. uses UberCloud and Microsoft Azure to speed up OpenFOAM

The Cloud is perfect for Computationally Demanding CFD studies. And with UberCloud, the cloud is within reach to every engineer.


Tapping the power of HPC supercomputing for STAR-CCM+

Learn about how CAE Technology Services Inc. was able to cut CFD setup and computational time by 50%

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