Cloud HPC Solutions for Simulations

Cloud HPC Solutions For Simulations

Computer Aided Engineering Simulations,
Digital Twins, Machine Learning
and more.

UberCloud Automated Simulation Platform

If you're an IT leader supporting engineers, you have a challenging task keeping up with the latest advances in cloud technologies. Enterprises looking to transform their businesses have been migrating to the cloud in volume. In the past, migration practices involved 100's of man-hours, a wide assortment of tools, and substantial risk of failure to meet ROI. These barriers have prevented organizations from seeing Cloud as an extension of their HPC data center, where engineering workloads can be moved dynamically to meet the changing needs of the product teams they serve.

UberCloud helps enterprises surmount these barriers—resulting in an agile IT organization that can respond efficiently and effectively to customer needs. The UberCloud HPC platform combines powerful cloud HPC hardware with superior management capabilities to help IT leaders provision and manage cloud clusters, deploy simulation software applications, monitor their spend, and give them complete control.

  • Provision and manage clusters - enable your users to setup HPC clusters in the cloud.
  • Rapidly deploy ready-to-run instances of CAE software - eliminate the need for complex software installation and configuration.
  • End to end control - manage your spend, software applications, resources and geographies that your users can access.



cloud hpc solutions for IT

Improve Agility

  • Setup hardware in the cloud of your choice that adjusts to the specific needs of each department. Scale up and scale down according to needs.
  • Service remote workforce that needs access to HPC and simulation services from a variety of devices with a high level of display and compute performance.
  • Support for all major CAE software providers including Ansys, Abaqus, CST, Star-CCM+, MATLAB, LS-DYNA, OpenFOAM and more.
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Lower Total Cost of Ownership


Cloud computing provides a variety of benefits to engineering organizations. Now, with increased utilization driven by on-demand, it can also deliver lower TCO.

  • Improvements in cost effectiveness and cost transparency. Highly granular cost visibility with down-to-the project cost allocation.
  • HPC hardware can be expensive in the cloud - so managing utilization is critical. With UberCloud, users can setup and teardown HPC clusters taking advantage of true on-demand cloud pricing. 
  • Full control and visibility for capacity planning, budgeting, reporting, and all IT processes.
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cloud hpc solutions for IT

Increased Job Throughput

  • Run more simulations in parallel with a mix of batch and autoscaling clusters.
  • Leverage standard HPC Jo Schedulers including Slurm, Altair Grid Engine and more.
  • Choose between fully interactive and no-queue, batch clusters that cover all use cases.


Resources for IT Teams

Businessman hand working with a Cloud Computing diagram on the new computer interface as concept-2

GUIDE: Cloud Computing for Engineering Organizations

Setting up your simulations in the cloud requires more than simply signing a cloud agreement. You need to carefully plan your approach, deploy the right technology components and resources, and put the correct measures in place so you can reap the huge benefits to come. Read our detailed guide to learn how to implement a scalable, secure, cost-effective way to run your engineering simulations in the cloud.

WHITEPAPER: Cloud Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

In this whitepaper, we presented guidelines on how to compute the total cost of the in-house computing environment and compare this to the equivalent cloud solution. We illustrated this process with concrete calculations which we have done recently for one of our concrete manufacturing customer use cases.



Build your simulation capability in the cloud.