cloud simulations for engineer

Cloud Simulation Platform For Engineers

Supercharge your simulations!

Engineers need better tools


If you're an engineer today, you work in a fast changing environment. The workstation on your desk is too slow and it takes hours and hours to get your simulation results. And ever if you have access to an HPC cluster, it's oversubscribed and you're waiting in a queue. Finally, your IT team is too busy or lacks the HPC and CAE expertise needed to help you effectively. 

What if you could run simulations at scale whenever needed? You could...

- compute models faster
- increased the number of iterations you run
- conduct more expansive and faster design exploration


The UberCloud platform combines the most powerful simulation software  applications and the broadest cloud solutions to help engineers run faster simulations. We aim to make simulations in the cloud a pleasure to use.

Interactive GUI


Native graphical user interface of your favorite simulation software in fully interactive mode.


Other cloud solutions present you with a web interface where you upload your model and only solve in batch mode. The UberCloud platform lets you run Ansys, Abaqus, CST, STAR-CCM+, NUMECA and many more applications the way they were originally intended.  

  • Same familiar application GUI. Nothing new to learn.
  • GPU-enhanced remote 3D graphics that look as good as your workstation.
  • All the features of Ansys workbench, CST studio suite, COMSOL GUI and more.
  • A pleasure to use - skyrockets your productivity
UCS front page

Self Service


The UberCloud platform puts you, the engineer, in charge of your hardware. No more waiting for your overworked IT administrator to get your the hardware 

  • Create your own personal, disposable HPC clusters in the cloud
  • Scalable to 1,000’s of CPU cores, 100’s of GPUs
  • Accommodates your pre-existing complex engineering workflows
  • Complies with your IT and security policies



Build your simulation capability in the cloud.