How to run Siemens STAR-CCM+ in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Launch STAR-CCM+ on Powerful Cloud Hardware


Siemens STAR-CCM+ is an integrated engineering simulation software that can be used to model diverse physical phenomena including fluid flow, heat transfer, chemical reactions and more.

  • Run STAR-CCM+ in the cloud with ease! Launch clusters large and small.
  • Take advantage of Siemens's innovative Cloud friendly- Power on Demand Licensing.
  • UberCloud has the necessary agreements and expertise required to offer complete solutions for STAR-CCM+ users.

STAR-CCM+ in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

  • UberCloud's turnkey solution makes it easy to run STAR-CCM+ on Microsoft Azure.
  • Utilize the full capabilities of STAR-CCM+ with scalable, state of the art hardware resources available in 50 data centers around the world. 
  • Run STAR-CCM+ with the latest Intel CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs and InfiniBand networking.

Integrated Solution

  • UberCloud offers multiple versions of the STAR-CCM+ product on Azure. Newer releases are made available after they go through rigorous testing. 

  • Continue receiving product support from Siemens as per your license agreement. Uninterrupted product support is a significant consideration when choosing a Cloud strategy.  

  • Contact us with your questions and we can help design a solution that works for your needs

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Performing CFD and FEA involves a complex array of hardware, software and services. UberCloud’s HPC cloud computing environment with STAR-CCM+ simplifies the process of model generation, lowers processing time, and makes it easy to view the results and post process on Microsoft Azure.


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