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Launching Software as a Service!
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Complete HPC Solutions


  • High Performance Computing (HPC) delivers great benefits: higher product quality and performance, faster ROI, fewer product failures, dramatically accelerated time to market with ROI within weeks.
  • But setup of HPC is often costly and complex involving training, qualification, staff and maintenance – not to mention the hardware costs.

  • Now with Opin Kerfi - you get the best of both worlds! A powerful HPC environment that works out of the box for you.

Applications Included

  • UberCloud completes the picture with containerized CAE software applications that make it easy to get started.
  • Fully integrated with Opin Kerfi - you can run software from Ansys, Siemens, Dassault Systems, NUMECA and more.
  • Leverage UberCloud and Opin Kerfi's expertise in hardware, software, and HPC to hit the ground running.
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Green Computing

  • Iceland has long been recognized as the best location for data centers. Low energy cost, predictable pricing, low risk.
  • Opin Kerfi's hyper-efficient Icelandic data centers can boost your engineering productivity, without costing you more.
  • Now you can profit from the special advantages that Iceland enjoys to run your High Performance Computing in the greenest way possible - with Opin Kerfi.



Build your simulation capability in the cloud.