Pixel Perfect Remote 3D Visualization

Professional Graphics Performance
NICE DCV Cloud.png

A Cloud Display For Engineers

  • Connect to Linux and Windows desktops remotely with a single client with full 3D graphics
  • Enable session sharing for collaborative work with responsive 3D experience
  • Bandwidth usage and frame rate monitoring

NICE DCV Architecture

  • DCV Server, equipped with one or more GPUs, used for OpenGL rendering
  • Heterogeneous networking infrastructures (like LAN, WAN and VPN), optimized balancing quality vs frame rate
  • Dynamic quality adjustment to maximize frame rate in motion
  • Support for Virtualization of Windows sessions, using GPU pass-through, vGPU or External Rendering Server
  • Encryption using the standard AES algorithm (128 or 256-bit)
NICE DCV Server.png

Cloud GPUs Now On Azure

  • Full GPU acceleration for OpenGL and DirectX applications.
  • Enables GPU sharing on Cloud HPC.
  • Hardware-accelerated image stream compression on NVIDIA GPU cards.




Build your simulation capability in the cloud.