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For your engineering and scientific simulations
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UberCloud and Google Cloud team up to make product simulations easy for engineers!


Over the past few years, IT has changed and cloud is the new normal. UberCloud and Google Cloud provide the best way for mechanical engineers to skyrocket productivity by easy access to high performance computing (HPC). With UberCloud's engineering software containers you can run your simulations on Google Cloud HPC with the click of a button! 


Benefits for Engineers:

Access hundreds of different hardware configurations that are renewed constantly lets you run the many and more accurate analyses the way you want
Flexibility lets you use the appropriate hardware based on the urgency of the need
Use the resources anywhere. Make better use of your software licenses
Unlimited hardware means you can run multiple analyses in parallel, do design optimizations and parameter studies, and use new codes

Enterprise Grade Cloud Security


Data security is critical to organizations, irrespective of whether that data is in the cloud or not. To protect the privacy of its customers and their data, UberCloud and Google Cloud maintain the highest standards of data security, enforcing strict internal product controls, and regularly audits its policies and procedures.

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Easy to use

UberCloud makes Google Cloud readily available to every engineer.
  • Looks and feels familiar and like the workstation you're used to; no additional learning needed. 
  • The software that you need is included. Ansys, Siemens, Dassault, NUMECA, OpenFOAM, Transvalor, and more.
  • UberCloud takes care of all the installation and operations, in the background. No more IT work for you.

UberCloud teams up with Google Cloud to provide specific benefits for UberCloud customers

  • Google has a strong offering in software containers, since Google developed the Kubernetes standard.
  • UberCloud software containers run natively on Google Cloud.
  • UberCloud and Google Cloud specialize on other high performance compute offerings such as Big Data, analytics, and machine learning, which can be combined with UberCloud containers to analyze engineering simulation data.
  • UberCloud customers benefit from Google's large global network and cloud data centers in many regions, worldwide.

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