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Why UberCloud?

With UberCloud's easy Cloud HPC Simulation platform, you get productive at once. We partner with leading CAE software companies and cloud providers, and bring decades of HPC and Cloud expertise. With UberCloud, you get a full solution tailored to your specific needs, so you move effortlessly to the cloud.
What is UberCloud


UberCloud’s technology lets you run your analysis 10x faster on cloud hardware.





Simple browser-based access to your application in the cloud. Full GUI capabilities means instant productivity on cloud.


UberCloud's platform is engineered to be secure. We're built on the best providers and technology.


Sign up in minutes and get to work quickly. Environments are provisioned on-demand when you need them.




Lower your risk with a tried and true platform approach validated by Intel, Microsoft, Ansys, and more.




UberCloud’s software + expertise model offers much lower Total Cost of Ownership than any other method.



Solutions for Engineers

Solutions for Engineers

UberCloud’s workstation-like interface lets you run interactive analyses in the cloud with no changes to your workflow. It's an all-in-one solution with step-by-step guidance that gets you productive immediately.


Solutions for IT

UberCloud offers an integrated way to help your users overflow to cloud while following IT processes and maintaining control. We empower you with the HPC tools and knowledge to send jobs to elastic cloud resources.

Hear from the experts


Prof. Charles Hirsch,

“When we came across UberCloud’s new application container technology and containerized all our CFD software, we were surprised with the ease of use and access to any computing system on demand.” 

Dr. Ellen Kuhl,

“Our successful partnership with UberCloud has allowed us to perform virtual drug testing using realistic human heart models. For us, UberCloud’s high-performance cloud computing environment and the close collaboration with HPE, Dassault, and Advania, were critical to speed-up our simulations, which help us to identify the arrhythmic risk of existing and new drugs in the benefit of human health.”

Mio Suzuki,

“Moving from our on-site environment to using cloud resources with UberCloud’s CAE software containers speeds up Trek’s development times.”

Cloud Simulation Platform For Engineers

Engineers are awesome! They build cars, computers, and all the products we can't live without. 

But engineers struggle with a common problem: they simply don't have the right tools for the job. 

Our only focus at UberCloud is offering engineers the right hardware, software and support so they can be their best!

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BRC Innovation Award 2014

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