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What Can Your Engineers Do With A 10X Productivity Boost?

HPC FEAHigh performance computing (HPC) drives cutting-edge product development. And the future of HPC is in the cloud.

But moving complex engineering CAE simulation workflows to the cloud can challenge even the most experienced IT teams, and lead to slower simulations, unhappy engineers and lost revenue. That’s why we developed the flexible, cloud-agnostic and fully automated UberCloud Engineering Simulation Platform that takes the complexity out of your cloud migration. 

With UberCloud’s HPC platform, engineers can easily scale simulations up and down, at their fingertips, while IT can control cost and manage security. Best of all, you can run UberCloud on your preferred cloud provider, or even on your own private cloud. And with more computing resources available, engineers can become 10X more productive!

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

UberCloud is proud to work with many leading software and cloud companies. Our clients trust us to provide powerful, reliable high-performance computing resources and any simulation software to help them improve their products and processes.

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Why Cloud For Simulations?

Cloud-enable your legacy simulation software.
Run faster simulations, with finer meshes and larger optimizations. Improve the speed and quality of your product delivery.

cloud-dark-shape (4)Increase Engineering Agility with Cloud

Enable your key engineers to run applications faster and better, on flexible hardware that powers your innovation and adjusts to changing business conditions.

money (4)Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Eliminate upfront hardware capital expenses, and increase cost effectiveness and transparency. Leverage on-demand hardware to lower overall cost-per-simulation.

lock (3)Improve IT Security and Control

UberCloud runs in your own cloud account enabling you to leverage the multi-billion dollar security capabilities of cloud providers. Full visibility and control for IT.

Proven Results Across Many Industries

UberCloud's software solutions have been successfully implemented across a wide range of industries. Some of the sectors we have worked with include automotive, aerodynamics, mining, energy, construction, engineering, manufacturing, life sciences, and healthcare. Our software has been used to improve business operations, drive innovation, and increase performance. Click on the links below to learn more about how we've helped businesses in each industry.

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Solutions for Engineers

UberCloud helps engineers run their simulations with high performance and reliability in the cloud. Our self-service platform lets you create scalable cloud clusters while using the native GUI of Ansys, Abaqus, Star-CCM+, CST, NUMECA, and more. No loss of features with simplistic cloud portals that only support batch use cases.

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Solutions for IT

UberCloud helps IT teams migrate complex engineering workloads to the cloud. Our software enables you to build and deliver flexible HPC services to your users, orchestrated with Kubernetes and Docker. Everything runs in your own cloud account that is secure, easy to administer, and under your exclusive control.

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Solutions for Decision Makers

With your engineers and IT specialists working with high-performance cloud resources, your company's products will be faster in the market, with higher quality, and much increased ROI, thus strengthening your competitiveness and the ability to innovate fast. And R&D will become part of your corporate digital transformation.

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The UberCloud Engineering Simulation Platform

 Agile, secure, automated, self-service, cost-efficient, user-friendly
UberCloud Engineering Simulation Platform-2

Desktop GUI with HD 3D Graphics

  • Full featured simulation software (Bring-Your-Own-License)
  • Auto-installed, tested, tuned & supported


  • Scalable to 1,000’s of CPU cores, 100’s of GPUs
  • Fully automated orchestration with Kubernetes or Docker

Runs in Your Own Cloud Account

  • Runs on AWS, Azure, Google, HPE (on-premise)
  • Assemble optimum configuration of Cloud CPU/GPU’s

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The UberCloud HPC Containers

UberCloud Container
  • Unique HPC software container images, enhanced for engineering & scientific app software
  • Application software is pre-installed, configured, tested and UberCloud certified.
  • Includes all HPC & CAE tools an engineer needs such as MPI and remote visualization
  • Executing on any public, private, hybrid cloud
  • As a Fully Managed Service on-cloud or on-prem
  • Running on any Linux, VMs, bare metal, OpenStack,vSphere, Kubernetes and more.
  • Coupled with Linux and Windows Clients.

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Discover The UberCloud

In this live video, you'll learn about UberCloud's latest innovation: the fully automated and self-service "UberCloud Engineering Simulation Platform" and "High-Performance Computing Containers" in action on Microsoft's Azure Kubernetes Service. You experience its major features and benefits for engineers, IT experts, and decision makers:

  • Retain full and exclusive control (even in the cloud)
  • Flexibility and integration with your existing environment and digital transformation strategy
  • Aligned with your company's security policies
  • Fully interactive and intuitive graphical interface (no learning needed)
  • Accommodate any complex engineering workflows. 

The UberCloud Awards

At UberCloud, we pride ourselves on providing easy access to powerful high-performance computing resources and simulation software. Our platform has been recognized by leading industry organizations and publications for its innovation and excellence. We are honored to have received these awards and recognitions.

These awards are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as the effectiveness of our platform in helping clients across many different industries, such as Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Machinery, Life Sciences, Marine, Electronics, etc., to improve their products and processes by providing them access to powerful compute resources and simulation software.


UberCloud Awards

What customers say about UberCloud

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Rimac Technology, Building the Fastest Electric Cards in the World

“Using the UberCloud Engineering Simulation Platform, our simulation engineers strive for the best battery performance and even more powerful and efficient powertrain components”

Executive of Rimac Group

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Freudenberg Group, driving mobility

“Freudenberg is moving its engineering simulations to Microsoft Azure. With UberCloud, we are now using a fully automated, customized, self-service HPC infrastructure for our applications”

Head of Application Development, Freudenberg Technology Innovation

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FLSmidth, transcending on-promises limitations

“With UberCloud, we move data faster.We engineers no longer experience latency issues because we have the network availability we need to support our work”

 Senior Fluid Dynamics Specialist, FLSmidth

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Buro Happold, creating sustainable environments

“With UberCloud, we are breaking through old barriers. We now run simulations in hours that used to take days. We push design boundaries further, and that is exciting”

Gilberto Osornio Nieto, Senior CFD Engineer, Buro Happold

At UberCloud, we value customer feedback and strive to deliver high-quality software. We invite you to visit our page on SourceForge, where you can read reviews and ratings from other users who have tried our software. Our software is trusted by many customers and has proven to be a valuable asset for their high-performance computing needs. 

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Stay Ahead with UberCloud's HPC Blog

Stay on top of the latest advancements in high-performance cloud computing with our blog! Our experts at UberCloud share their insights and expert advice on the most important topics in cloud technology. From cloud migration strategies to the latest cloud-based solutions, we cover it all. Whether you're a business looking to leverage the benefits of the cloud, or a tech-savvy individual looking to stay ahead of the game, our blog has something for everyone. Don't miss out on the latest developments in cloud computing, read our blog now!


Why UberCloud For Decision Makers?

At the top of company’s agenda today are important business goals such as increasing productivity, improved product quality, rapid product innovation and return on investment, improving the company's competitiveness in today's global marketplace.There are many excellent articles on how to plan and achieve these strategic goals in prestigious journals such as Harvard Business Review, MIT Technology Review, and Sloan Management Review, which is not necessary to duplicate here. Instead, our focus here is a specific...


UberCloud and SUSE:  Next Generation HPC Accelerates Innovation

HPC is an essential capability to enterprises across a broad spectrum of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, energy, life sciences, finance, and more.HPC gives enterprises the ability to discover scientific and business insights, develop new products, and open new avenues for progress by enabling multi-physics simulations, digital twin models, big data analytics, machine learning, and other complex engineering and scientific workloads...


Engineering HPC Applications In Google Kubernetes Engine

UberCloud helps engineers run their simulations with high performance and reliability. We achieve this by helping enterprises migrate complex engineering workloads to High Performance Computing (HPC) cloud resources and fully realize return on investment (ROI). Our automated Engineering Simulation Platform lets you easily build flexible HPC services in your own cloud account, delivering business agility and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) all whilst enabling full control over...

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Decision Makers, are you looking for:

  • Making your company more competitive and innovative
  • Developing better quality products faster to market?
  • Increasing your ROI while saving costs?

IT, do you have to cope with one of the following challenges?

  • Are your engineers faced with insufficient computing resources?
  • Are engineers demanding new or more complex services from you?
  • Do you have to cope with growing high-tech complexities?

Engineers, is any of the following your concern?

  • Do you have to limit your designs because of limited resources?
  • Do you face deadlines that force you to limit your simulations?
  • Would these limits affect the quality of your next-gen products?




If you are facing some of these challenges,



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