Next Generation HPC in the Cloud
for Simulations and Digital Twins.

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Increase Innovation Capacity And Operational Efficiency

Innovation is the lifeblood of engineering and product companies. The engineers who design, build and test innovative products require modern computing solutions.

UberCloud helps enterprises build a high performance computing capability in the cloud. Our cloud-native software lets you implement a reliable, future-proof, hybrid cloud platform that is secure and easy to administer.

Engineers can run their simulation tools with native GUIs on scalable hardware for up to 30X productivity gains.





Build A Simulation Capability In The Cloud

Faster simulations, finer meshes and larger optimizations. Improve the speed and quality of your product delivery.

Increase Agility and Productivity

Enable your key engineers to run applications faster and better. Flexible hardware that powers innovation and adjusts to changing business conditions

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Lower total cost of ownership, increase cost effectiveness and transparency. Automate complex engineering workflows to just-in-time consumption.


Built-in Security and Control for IT

UberCloud runs in your own cloud account enabling you to leverage the multi-billion dollar security capabilities of cloud providers. Full control for IT.

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Solutions for Engineers

UberCloud helps engineers run their simulation tools with high performance and reliability in the cloud. Our self-service software platform lets you create scalable cloud clusters all while using the native GUI of Ansys, COMSOL, CST, NUMECA, and more. No loss of features with simplistic web portals that only support batch use cases. 


Solutions for IT

UberCloud helps IT teams migrate complex engineering workloads to the cloud. Our software enables you to build and deliver flexible HPC services to your users, orchestrated with Kubernetes and Docker. Everything runs in your own cloud account for a high performance capability that is secure and easy to administer. 


Prof. Charles Hirsch,

“When we came across UberCloud’s new application container technology and containerized all our CFD software, we were surprised with the ease of use and access to any computing system on demand.” 

Dr. Ellen Kuhl,

“Our successful partnership with UberCloud has allowed us to perform virtual drug testing using realistic human heart models. For us, UberCloud’s high-performance cloud computing environment and the close collaboration with HPE, Dassault, and Advania, were critical to speed-up our simulations, which help us to identify the arrhythmic risk of existing and new drugs in the benefit of human health.”

Mio Suzuki,

“Moving from our on-site environment to using cloud resources with UberCloud’s CAE software containers speeds up Trek’s development times.”
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The UberCloud Platform

Desktop GUI with HD 3D Graphics

  • Full featured simulation software (Bring-Your-Own-License)
  • Auto-installed, tested, tuned & supported


  • Scalable to 1,000’s of CPU cores, 100’s of GPUs
  • Fully automated orchestration with Kubernetes or Docker

Runs in Your Own Cloud

  • Runs on AWS, Azure, Google, HPE (on-premise)
  • Assemble optimum configuration of Cloud CPU/GPU’s
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