Cloud CAE : find the best CAE codes on UberCloud

Get instant access to your favorite CAE software and pick a license option that works for you: short-term on-demand, or use your own.

Design products faster by running ANSYS Fluent, STAR-CCM+, COMSOL, NUMECA and many more codes on powerful remote infrastructure in the cloud. Nothing to install, nothing to setup.

And our expert 24×7 worldwide support gives you total peace of mind. UberCloud lowers your total cost of ownership by charging you for only the resources you use.

Stay in control with a fully interactive desktop

If you use a sophisticated simulation package you may be asking, “what does cloud simulation look like? Do I have to change the way I work”?

This is a real concern. You’ve spent years learning the nuances of your favorite engineering simulation software. You don’t want to have to learn a new interface just to benefit from the cloud.

UberCloud’s cloud simulation solution is designed to look and feel exactly like your desktop workstation. Sign on from your web browser, interact with the desktop, customize it to your liking and connect to your own data sources to import your models. Then launch your solver and work the same you would on your workstation.

Dramatically boost utilization

Your IT team plans for peak capacity. If you absolutely must have a 256core cluster 3 times a year, then you own it for the whole year. This is like building your own 20 bedroom house to accommodate holiday guests once a year!

Fortunately, UberCloud has you covered! You now have the scalability and elasticity of the cloud at your disposal so you don’t have to build for peaks. Buy a reasonable workstation for average daily use and burst to the cloud for all your peaks.

In additional to the infinite capacity, the cloud gives your access to the latest technology. No more waiting for your workstation to be refreshed every 3 years – the fastest Intel processors and the most powerful GPUs are available to you as they are released.

Fitting IT to the specific needs of your problem is the new way of doing business, and the way to out-innovate your competition.

Build better meshes

Engineers often compromise the quality of their simulations for lack of the right tools. You use simulation tools to model the physical world. Along the way, you make choices that capture this world better, or worse.

Often, these choices are made due to the limits of your system. If your workstation has 12 cpu cores and 64GB of memory, you know that certain mesh qualities are beyond its capabilities. So you settle. But these choices can accumulate over time until they finally erode your confidence in the results. After all, if you know you used a coarser mesh than you would have liked, that automatically raises the error-rate.

With UberCloud, you now have the unlimited power of the cloud at your disposal so you don’t have to compromise quality. You can specify the models the way you want to, and run the simulations the way you want to. You are no longer forced to settle for low fidelity models and coarse meshes just so your runs complete in a reasonable amount of time. You have confidence in the results.

Peace of mind with support

1Here’s a sobering statistic: Cloud has been mainstream for over a decade, yet less than 5% of HPC workloads are in the cloud

CHALLENGE #1: Cloud is designed for self-service. But sometimes you need help getting started.

A key benefit of the cloud is self-service. Often, users who are tired of unresponsive IT departments take matters into her own hands and sign up for cloud. But this is not a realistic, long-term scenario in any reasonable size company doing CAE. Multiple stakeholders need to be involved including the engineers, the IT department, the cloud providers, the software vendor etc. You need a partner that can guide you in this journey.

CHALLENGE #2: Cloud exels at generic. HPC and CAE need specialization.

Clouds are built to cater the widest selection of customers. Most clouds are efficient at simple machine configurations. This doesn’t work at all for CAE and HPC. You need someone with CAE and HPC expertise and who speaks your language. UberCloud brings decades of CAE and Cloud expertise to help you navigate MPI, GPUs, InfiniBand etc. in the cloud

CHALLENGE #3: Cloud gets you Hardware. You need Software too!

Clouds are efficient ways to get infrastructure on demand. The scalability and elasticity are very desirable features. But you need software as well. UberCloud has partnerships with CAE software vendors such as ANSYS, STAR-CCM+, COMSOL and MATLAB. We make these software binaries available in the cloud.

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