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OpenFOAM Training

Regular public OpenFOAM® training in May 18-21, 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic. Prices start at 750.00 Euro. More Info »
OpenFOAM Training was last modified: by Wolfgang Gentzsch
2013-09-25 11.26.30 am
2013-09-25 11.26.30 am

Fidesys Online - Free Alpha

Carry out deformation mode analysis for articles under static loads.This service is available in ALPHA. You can create an account and start using it. More Info »
Fidesys Online – Free Alpha was last modified: by Wolfgang Gentzsch
2013-09-25 11.26.30 am
2013-09-25 11.26.30 am

Simulation for Design - Corporate

Evaluate structural performance of design alternatives quickly, with robust geometry import, automatic meshing, analysis. Multiple Users, 250 CPU hours, 1000 GB, Unlimited Projects. More Info »
Price: $500.00
Simulation for Design – Corporate was last modified: by Wolfgang Gentzsch

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