Cloud Quick Start

 > Risk-free introduction for Engineers

A concierge service to help you explore how the cloud can supercharge your simulations.

Cloud computing is the fastest growing technology platform in decades. Let UberCloud help you run your first simulation project in the cloud with Cloud Quick Start. We’ll help you transfer your model to the cloud, run your simulation and visualize your results. Learn how you can use cloud computing to build better products.

 Cloud Goals Assessment – are you looking for more hardware resources? ease of use? avoiding capex purchases? reducing costs? We’ll show you what’s possible and what’s not.

Two 30minute sessions with a Cloud or CAE expert to plan and run your 1st cloud project Our team of mechanical engineers with deep technical backgrounds and years of CAE experience will guide you.

1-Week of the simulation application of your choice in the Cloud Help with hardware and software setup, data transfer, benchmarking with your own model.

Cloud CAE Quick Start

Duration: 1 Week

Price: $750

UberCloud Platform

UberCloud Platform – Featuring Cloud Quick Start



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