We are meeting our UberCloud engineering and scientific user and provider community and presenting the actual UberCloud status and experience at many community events around the world. Please consider joining us and follow @HPCExperiment on twitter for updates.

2017 Events that the UberCloud is participating & presenting at:

07-08.02: HPC Advisory Council Stanford Conference, Stanford, USA
20-24.03: HPE’s HPC Technical Excellence Symposium, Grenoble, FranceExhibition
28-29.03: CAInspiration Forum, Munich, Germany
09-10.05: Electronics in Vehicles, Goetheborg, Sweden
15-18.05: Dassault/Simulia: Science in the Age of Experience, Chicago, USA
23-23.05: ANSYS Pacific Northwest Innovation Conference, Seattle, USA
08-08.06: ANSYS Southern California Innovation Conference
11-14.06: NAFEMS World Congress, Stockholm, Sweden
15-17.06: HPE’s HP-CAST User Conference, Frankfurt, Germany
19-22.06: ISC High Performance Conference, Frankfurt, Germany
22-22.06: COMSOL Day Dortmund, Germany
27-27.06: COMSOL Day Warsaw, Poland
11-13.07: SEMICON West, San Francisco, USA
04-06.10: COMSOL Conference 2017, Boston, USA
17-19.10: 5th OpenFOAM User Conference,Frankfurt, Germany
18-20.10: COMSOL Conference 2017, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
10-12.11: HP-CAST 29, Hewlett Packard Enterprise HPC User Group, Denver, CO, USA
12-13.11: Intel HPC Developer Conference, Denver, CO, USA
13-18.11: SC’17, Salt Lake City, Denver, CO, USA
14-14.11: 4th Annual StartupHPC Summit, Denver, CO, USA
28-30.11: HPE Discover Europe, Madrid, Spain

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