• Software Providers:

    • ANSYS

      ANSYS has pioneered the development and application of simulation methods to solve the most challenging engineering problems. Show 4 products
    • ANSYS on CADFEM Cloud

      The CADFEM Engineering Simulation Cloud provides an easily accessible high-performance CAE environment for ANSYS Workbench. Show 9 products
    • ANSYS on OzenCloud

      Ozen Engineering - the ANSYS Partner & Distributor in California - provides software, training, technical support and consulting services. Show 4 products
    • Autodesk

      A360 project collaboration software helps design, engineering, and project teams work together efficiently on a centralized platform. Show 3 products
    • CAE Fidesys

      CAE Fidesys is an easy-to-use and effective next-generation CAE tool for performing a full cycle of engineering-strength analysis. Show 9 products
    • CD-adapco

      STAR-CCM+ is an entirely integrated engineering process for solving problems involving flow (of fluids or solids), heat transfer and stress. Show 7 products
    • COMSOL

      COMSOL is the developer of COMSOL Multiphysics, an interactive environment for engineering & scientific modeling and simulation. Show 7 products
    • CST - Computer Simulation Technology

      CST offers accurate, efficient computational solutions for 3D electromagnetic design & analysis, operating in a wide range of frequencies. Show 3 products
    • DYNAmore - Coming Soon

      Dynamore supports engineers to solve non-linear mechanical problems with FE solver LS-DYNA and LS-OPT for optimization. Show 3 products
    • ESI - Group -- OpenFOAM

      World-leading provider in Virtual Product Engineering, leveraging the physics of materials and eliminating the need for physical prototypes. Show 3 products
    • NICE Software

      NICE DCV is remote Desktop Cloud Visualization enabling users to connect to OpenGL and Direct/X applications running in a data center. Show 3 products
    • NUMECA

      NUMECA is focused on innovation in CFD and multiphysics analysis and optimization for design and automation. Show 6 products
    • OpenFOAM

      OpenFOAM is free, open source CFD software package developed by OpenCFD Ltd at ESI Group, distributed by OpenFOAM Foundation. Show 24 products
    • Rendicity - Coming Soon

      3D Rendering on-demand in the cloud, supporting Maya, Mental Ray, Blender, and other rendering software applications. Show 3 products
    • Scilab - Coming Soon

      Free open source software for numerical computation providing a powerful environment for engineering & scientific applications. Show 3 products
    • UberCloud - Coming Soon

      Providing container technology for software packaging, portability, easy of access and use, scalability, and low overhead. Show 1 products
  • Resource Providers:

    • ACTnowHPC from Advanced Clustering

      Highly scalable platform for your compute jobs and burst projects; on-demand access to the latest technology on bare metal hardware. Show 2 products
    • Advania

      Advania OpenCloud is a scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform offering HPC as a Service for engineers and scientists. Show 3 products
    • Amazon AWS

      AWS provides compute servers with access to bisection, high bandwidth network for tightly-coupled, IO-intensive workloads. Show 4 products
    • Bull extreme factory

      Bull has created extreme factory cloud services combined with HPC expertise to help implement computer simulation applications. Show 2 products
    • Charity Engine - Coming Soon

      Created to enable millions of PCs to raise millions of dollars for the best possible causes, thanks to spare computing power. Show 3 products
    • CPU 24/7

      CPU 24/7 offers on-demand access to HPC resources for industry and research applications, mostly serving European customers. Show 8 products
    • EGI

      Integrated computing services for European researchers, enabling innovation and new solutions to answer the big questions of tomorrow. Show 6 products
    • HP Helion

      Self-Service HPC reference architecture tested and ready for deployment, enabling you to tailor the solution to your specific needs. Show 7 products
    • HPC Midlands

      A UK HPC Centre of Excellence for High Performance Computing offering pay-as-you-go IaaS and free unlimited technical support. Show 6 products
    • Microsoft Azure

      Run your large compute jobs in the cloud, or extend your on-premises HPC cluster to the cloud when you need more capacity. Show 7 products
    • Nephoscale

      NephoScale public cloud services are on-demand, with the option of choosing dedicated single-tenant SSD based bare metal servers. Show 4 products
    • Nimbix Supercomputing

      An HPC cloud built for volume, speed, simplicity. Nimbix gives people tools and processing power to solve the biggest, toughest problems. Show 3 products
    • Ohio Supercomputer Center / AweSim

      OSC / AweSim provide an HPC, research and educational cyberinfrastructure for statewide research and industry. Show 6 products
  • Middleware and Tools Providers:

    • Allinea

      Industry standard HPC development, application analytics, and performance reporting tools for workstation, in-house cluster, or cloud. Show 3 products
    • VCollab - Coming Soon

      VCollab converts 3D CAD/CAM/CAE files to compressed VCZ file format for visualization, presentation, documentation, collaboration. Show 3 products
  • Expertise, Training, and Support Providers:

  • And UberCloud Exhibition:

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