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Organizations in Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Automotive and more rely on engineers to help them win.
High Performance Computing for Engineers


  • Manufacturing covers a wide cross section of industry including automotive, aerospace, marine, pharma, engineering consulting, medical devices and electronics.

  • Oil & Gas covers areas such as exploration, reservoir simulation, development & production, processing and refining.

  • The pharmaceutical industry discovers, develops, produces, and markets drugs or pharmaceutical drugs for use as medications. Here you find genomics, protein folding, chemical simulations, but as well manufacturing when it comes to production.

  • Finance includes financial modeling, risk analysis, quantitative methods, investment strategies, portfolio optimization, and others.

Cloud HPC


Increased computing power can be a great boon for engineers in any industry. Integrating the product design and production processes with well-established technologies such as CAD, modeling and simulation, and PLM into a new collaboration framework.

This new product development environment will take cost out of product development and waste out of manufacturing.

It will also accelerate the pace of innovation so sharply that low-cost producers can’t catch up. 

 UberCloud's Solutions for Engineers

 UberCloud was started by Engineers, for Engineers. Our mission was to work with the engineering and scientific community to discover the roadblocks to Cloud Computing.


Getting started with CAE in the cloud can be hard. We can help you explore how the cloud can supercharge your simulations with a free 30 minute expert consultation.


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Resources for Engineers


ANSYS in the Cloud

ANSYS in the Cloud

Case Study about Wind Turbine Aerodynamics
Best Practices on the use of ANSYS CFX and Workbench in the Cloud.
OpenFOAM in the Cloud

How To Use OpenFOAM in the Cloud

Aerodynamic Simulation of an Airfoil using UberCloud and OpenFOAM on Microsoft Azure
NUMECA in the Cloud

NUMECA FINE/Marine in the Cloud

Featuring best practices and lessons learned to speed up your CFD calculations by using powerful cloud hardware on-demand.
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